The Farewell Party

In the last two years we worked together with our partner schools from Trebissace, Izmir, Piatra Neamt, Barcelona, Budapest and Arta. All the students who took part in the project have learned a lot, but also they became aware of all the similarities and differences among the countries in Europe. Students could express their feelings connected with music through art, dance, photography. We sang in many languages, we danced together. We learned how to work together. 
On the 5th of June we organized a meeting in our school to present a summary of everything what has happened in the last two years. We invited our parents, the teachers and local authorities. We looked at the photos together, we sang and we talked about the memories that came back.
We hope to meet our partners soon and have many such wonderful projects in the future.


Greek Day at our school

Friday the 16th of May was the Greek Day in our school, and, unfortunately, the last day during which we learned about our partner country from the Comenius project "Our Voices Across Europe". We got to know a lot about Greece and its music. We danced together and tried some delicious Greek food, such as salads, sweets and desserts. Everybody had a fantastic time!

Seventh meeting in Arta, Greece

At the beginning of May, from 4th to 9th May, we spent 5 unforgettable days in a beautiful city of Arta.
It was a great adventure, not only for the ones who haven’t been there before, but for all the Comenius Team. There was no a single person that wasn’t surprised by something since the meeting was FULL OF SURPRISES! Greek team taught us a few traditional dances, and made music accompany us everywhere we went, was it a busy street, a beach, a church, or a schoolgroud. They also made each lunch and dinner a feast for the senses in terms of food, picturesque surroundings, friendly atmosphere and lively people. The final concert performed by the students from 7 different countries in 7 different languages was the one which helped us understand that nothing else but the MUSIC opens our hearts and souls and lets us get to know oneselves and the others better.
The last Comenius meeting was certainly of high standard and one we will remember and talk about for a long time to go.

8.04.2014 Hungarian Day at our school

After coming back from Budapest our Comenius group organized the Hungarian Day at our school to show the other students a little about what they did or saw during the visit. Boys made a presentation and talked a lot about the school, the music, the dancing and the trips. We also tried some delicious sweet dessert. It was fun!

Michał and Kacper show us some photos from Budapest

It was yummy!


Sixth meeting in Budapest, Hungary

We have just come back from another Comenius project meeting. This time our destination was Hungary where we spent 5 unforgettable days. Budapest greeted us with lovely sunshine and splendid architecture and the students and teachers from Szent-Gyorgyi Albert Iskola went to great lengths to keep us busy and satisfied. Apart from taking part in a dance workshop and learning Hungarian songs, we had a chance to visit the Museum of Etnography and the Parliament, we could see the beautiful panorama of the city from the tower of Szent Istvan Basilica and the top of the Gellert Hill, we admired Budapest by night during a river cruise, and we could also sew our own leather wallets and purses. Our hosts showed us a great zoo in Budapest, the Buda Castle, the Heroes Square and many other intersting places.We will definetely remember the Comenius' Got Talent and the farwell karaoke party, as well as the official visit at the district Town Hall. We can also surprise you with a few titbits...Do you know that Władysław Jagiełło (a Polish king) was crowned in Budapest or that soups are as popular in Hungary as they are in Poland? Do you know that the Hungarians are great fans of salty snacks even while having a coffee or do you know the history of the long lost shoes at the bank of the Danube river? We do!


Comenius Corner update

To remember about the time we had in Barcelona our Comenius Corner is now full of photos and some Spanish words and phrases we learned during the Day of Catalonia and Spain in our school :)

14.03.2014 The Day of Catalonia and Spain

On 14th March Comenius group organized the Day of Catalonia and Spain in our school. All the students could see the presentations of Kuba, Patryk, Kasia and Megan, who spoke about the meeting in Barcelona they had taken part in. We learned how to dance traditional Catalan dances, we learnt some Spanish words and a song. And finally, we tried some delicious treats prepared by Martyna, Agata and Karolina.

We are singing together

We are learning how to dance

Students are listening about the food