Greek Day at our school

Friday the 16th of May was the Greek Day in our school, and, unfortunately, the last day during which we learned about our partner country from the Comenius project "Our Voices Across Europe". We got to know a lot about Greece and its music. We danced together and tried some delicious Greek food, such as salads, sweets and desserts. Everybody had a fantastic time!

Seventh meeting in Arta, Greece

At the beginning of May, from 4th to 9th May, we spent 5 unforgettable days in a beautiful city of Arta.
It was a great adventure, not only for the ones who haven’t been there before, but for all the Comenius Team. There was no a single person that wasn’t surprised by something since the meeting was FULL OF SURPRISES! Greek team taught us a few traditional dances, and made music accompany us everywhere we went, was it a busy street, a beach, a church, or a schoolgroud. They also made each lunch and dinner a feast for the senses in terms of food, picturesque surroundings, friendly atmosphere and lively people. The final concert performed by the students from 7 different countries in 7 different languages was the one which helped us understand that nothing else but the MUSIC opens our hearts and souls and lets us get to know oneselves and the others better.
The last Comenius meeting was certainly of high standard and one we will remember and talk about for a long time to go.

8.04.2014 Hungarian Day at our school

After coming back from Budapest our Comenius group organized the Hungarian Day at our school to show the other students a little about what they did or saw during the visit. Boys made a presentation and talked a lot about the school, the music, the dancing and the trips. We also tried some delicious sweet dessert. It was fun!

Michał and Kacper show us some photos from Budapest

It was yummy!