Students from Comenius Corner in Zabrze update

Oskar Garcon
My name is Oskar and my surname is Garcon. I’ve got wavy blonde hair. I like pizza. My favorite color is green. I’ve got two dogs and a fish.

 Dominik Kurz-Jurek

 Karolina Skrzypulec

 Janek Kleszczowski
I’m Janek. My surname is Kleszczowski. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite color is yellow. I like computer games. I don’t really like school.

 Matylda Kosiorz
My name is Matylda. I’ve got long blonde hair. I’ve got one brother. I like all kinds of music and all kinds of food, but I don’t like spinach. My dream is to become a singer one day. I learn to play piano and to sing. My hobbies are singing, dancing and painting.

 Ola Witulska
I’m Ola, I’m eleven years old. I’m in class 5. I like sports a lot, but I don’t like football. I like singing and dancing, too. I like playing computer games. I’ve got a dog, it’s called Biszkop. I’ve got green eyes and red hair. I like pasta and pizza. My favorite colors are black and purple.

 Zuzanna Szopa
I’m Zuzia. I’m eleven years old. I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes. I like sports. I love dancing and singing. My favorite color is black.  My favorite food is pizza and prawns. I’ve got a sister and a lovely cat.

 Aneta Krajewska
I’m Aneta. I’m 11 years old. I like singing and swimming. My favorite colors are black and dark pink. My favorite food is prawns. I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes. I’ve got a sister. I love animals. I’ve got a cat, a dog and a fish.

 Weronika Skrzypulec

 Michał Hilse
My name is Michał Hilse. I’m 14 years old. I like everything connected with automotive, for example cars (my favorite car is Chewrollet Camaross), trucks (Honda Golden Wing). I also like military things like: airplanes (SU47BERICUT), helicopters (MIL 24PL), tanks (Leopard II), APC (BTR90). My favorite film is “Pacific Rim” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. I have no favorite music.

 Kuba Zychma

I’m Kuba, I’m 14 years old. I live in a tiny village. I like skiing, swimming and playing video games. I’ve got a cat. I also have an annoying little brother.

 Patryk Kurz-Jurek

 Matylda Skrzypulec

 Karolina Bucka
My name’s Karolina Bucka. I’ve got long blonde hair. I like rock, metal and punk music. My favorite bands are: Metallica, Lilith, Hunter, Led Zeppelin, Sonata Arctica, AC/DC, Pidżama Porno, The Clash, Guns’n’Roses, Cementery of Scream, Opeth. My favorite writer is Edgar Allan Poe. My favorite animals are: cats, ravens, snakes and spiders. I’ve got a cat. My favorite food is pizza.

 Kuba Mazur

 Kasia Krzysteczko

 Megan Sojka
My name is Megan, but everybody calls me Meggie. I’m 13 years old. I like sport. I learn to play tennis. I like reading books and listening to music. I love animals, I’ve got cats, a dog and a rabbit. My second love is chocolate. In my free time I like watching a film or going shopping with my friends. In summer I like swimming.

 Weronika Kośmider
My name’s Weronika Kośmider. I’m nine years old. I like jumping in puddles, swimming, playing ball and climbing trees. I don’t like it when it’s cold. My favorite animals are: turtles, leopards and mice. My favorite city is Dublin! I like going to the park, going shopping and staying at home, too.

 Agnieszka Sufranek
My name’s Agnieszka. I’m ten years old. I like drawing, reading and walking to the park. I love jokes. I don’t like cheese and when it’s hot. My favorite animal is a leopard. I like wearing T-shirts, shorts and shoes. I don’t like wearing jeans, tops or dresses.

 Paweł Wojciechowski
My name’s Paweł. I’m nine years old. My hobby is football. I am a fan of Górnik Zabrze. I’ve got one sister. I’ve got twenty fish!

 Agata Stojewska

 Kacper Garcon

Travelling suitcase - opening the bag from Turkey

On 29th October during our Comenius meeting after school we opened the bag from Turkey. We found some traditional clothes and musical instruments inside. The younger members of our Comenius group were picking up the objects from the bag and then trying them on. We found nice sleveless vest, a pair of trousers, a long dress and two musical instruments: a string one and a pair of wooden spoons. Some of us tried to play the "cura", a string instrument we found inside the bag, but it wasn't easy.

Domining was the first one to take something out.

He found a vest...

...and put it on immediatelly.

Weronika was the second.

She found a dress.

Then it was time for Weronika.

She found a hat.

Ola wearing trousers one way...

...and another.

Oskar took out the 'cura'...

... and started practising.

Karolina wearing the scarf.

Agnieszka and the wooden spoons.

Kuba reading abou the vest.

Kuba reading about the spoons

Patryk reading about the hat

Michał reading about the dress

Agata reading about the instrument

Fourth meeting in Zabrze, Poland

We're finally updating some information about the meeting in Zabrze. It was so much fun to have you all here singing, working, socializing and having fun together. It was a busy week, do you remember?

We had film music workshops on Monday. Students from all the countries showed amazing presentations and performed live music. They were fantastic. You tasted some traditional Polish food in the "Pod Wawrzynem" restaurant. Later, we all took part in workshops on music in concentration camps. We all did excellent job drawing pictures which were supposed to show our feelings after the presentation.

We travelled to Oświęcim and Kraków, where you all saw one of the most famous Polish heritage sites.
On Thursday we watched musicals and took part in a karaoke competition.

It was sad to say goodbye to you, but hopefully we will meet soon!

The Spanish students presenting "Mamma Mia"

The audience

Kacper from Poland talking about "The Phantom of the Opera"

Polish students singing and dancing to the music from "The Phantom of the Opera"

The Romanian students singing "Somewhere over the rainbow"

The Greek students talking about the film "Never on Monday"
The Hungarian team 
The Greek performance

The Italian team's presentation
Students making a project about the Music in Concentration Camps
Working with coal
Entering the concentration camp in Auschwitz

A sunny day in Kraków

At the market square in Kraków