Fourth meeting in Zabrze, Poland

We're finally updating some information about the meeting in Zabrze. It was so much fun to have you all here singing, working, socializing and having fun together. It was a busy week, do you remember?

We had film music workshops on Monday. Students from all the countries showed amazing presentations and performed live music. They were fantastic. You tasted some traditional Polish food in the "Pod Wawrzynem" restaurant. Later, we all took part in workshops on music in concentration camps. We all did excellent job drawing pictures which were supposed to show our feelings after the presentation.

We travelled to Oświęcim and Kraków, where you all saw one of the most famous Polish heritage sites.
On Thursday we watched musicals and took part in a karaoke competition.

It was sad to say goodbye to you, but hopefully we will meet soon!

The Spanish students presenting "Mamma Mia"

The audience

Kacper from Poland talking about "The Phantom of the Opera"

Polish students singing and dancing to the music from "The Phantom of the Opera"

The Romanian students singing "Somewhere over the rainbow"

The Greek students talking about the film "Never on Monday"
The Hungarian team 
The Greek performance

The Italian team's presentation
Students making a project about the Music in Concentration Camps
Working with coal
Entering the concentration camp in Auschwitz

A sunny day in Kraków

At the market square in Kraków

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